Which is worse: Grexit or Brexit ?

On the eve of the election In Great Britain, there is some concern In the head of investors around the world and a new demand is coming out.  Which is worse for Europe, an exit of Greece from the Euro-area or an exit of Great Britain from the European union? Effectively both these events are something very bad for the old continent. It is not time for internal divisions in Europe and this could cost very much in terms of economic, financial  and commercial integration. But Mr. David Cameron and Mr. Alexis Tsipras do not care much about the future of Europe as they care about their political future. To us their promise of Exit in a way or another from Europe don’t make much sense.

If we take a look to the other countries of the old continent that do not participate to the EU-28 like Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland we can admit that these countries are the best place to live in Europe. This is because these countries have not scarificed anything for the common interest of the continent. This idea seems to attract also the right party in the Great Britain. In our opinion the Great Britain is much different from these countries. First it is much bigger, second is much opened to the different cultures because of her long history with colonies and last because London is the biggest financial center of the world. An isolation of the country would not be good for the same Great Britain.

The Scottish people voted against the separation of the country from the Great Britain and they did very well. Now is the turn of British people to vote against a separation from the European continent. If Mr. Cameron must be voted, he could be voted for the economic reforms and for the good things he has done and not for the referendum that he promises to do.

This concern Is shared by many of the CEOs of many big multinational companies that have their head-office in London. According to the polls held by the company Grant Thornton, the entrepreneurs in Great Britain think in major part, that a Brexit could be even worse than a Grexit. The same think the CEOs interviewed by the company in Germany and in the other countries of the European Union.

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