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The fixed income market can be hit by a perfect storm

The fixed income market can be hit by a perfect storm

The corporate bond markets, on both sides of the Atlantic, has been hit this week by a wave of declines. As a result, we saw high yield bond markets and also investment grade bond markets falling from the record levels reached weeks before. The US high yield bond index, one of the most important benchmark...


A new giant in the asset management

There is not a significant and worthily presence of the southern Europe in the asset management industry. The Southern Europe has big percentage of savings respect to the incomes but the most famous names of the money management industry come from Great Britain, Switzerland, Holland and Germany. But the joining forces between two of the...


Record profits in the financial sector

The season of the profit warnings is finished on Wall street, now is time for big surprises. Morgan Stanley has surprised the investors announcing a higher profit. This company is the last of a series of banks and investment funds that have surprised in positive. The trading sector has been fundamental in the profit growth. ...