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Nasdaq reaches again 5.000 points

“Nasdaq” Reaches again 5.000 points!

We had to wait fifteen years to see another time the Nasdaq to touch the 5.000 points level. Few analysts would have imagined that the Nasdaq would take so much time to reach again this historic level. Now the question is: What ought to think the investors? May be they have to be afraid? In...

Waiting for the EUR/USD parity

Waiting for the EUR/USD parity

There are few doubts in the financial community that within this year the Eur/Usd pair will reach the parity. Well, I consider this event one of the most positive for Europe’s economy and I think the Euro strength is one of the major causes why Europe is in this economic and political situation. There are...

How low can the Turkish Lira go

How low can the Turkish Lira go ?

New lows for the Turkish Lira against the Usd. This seems to be connected to the attacks of the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan against the president of the National Central Bank Mr. Erdem Basci. M.r Basci seems to be under pressure for a further expansion of the monetary policy. Now the Turkish Lira is exchanged...