Larry Page Vs Jeff Bezos

This was a week to remember for long time for these two guys. We won’t be able to tell which of those will be the winner as the game still goes on but we can make the point only for this week. Most likely they were aware about the profits of the second quarter that Google Inc and would have release this week, but for the markets, this was a week full of big surprises.

It was the first time that Google released profits above the analyst’s estimations in the last six quarters. Profits rose 17% in the second quarter and the same did the price of Google on that day. Google also admitted that the strong dollar has penalized the figures, because they could have been even better. Thanks to the strategies implemented by the co-founder and CEO of Google Mr. Larry Page the company seems to have taken the right road. The rise of Google shares by $93 per day to level $673 means that now Google is evaluated $65Bn more to around $430Bn. This was a historical increase of the value of an American company in only one day. At the same time, the personal fortunes of the co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin increased by $4Bn per each one.

Leadership is what makes companies great. This seems to be real also for the founder of Mr. Jeff Bezos. The guy was most fortunate, as he boosted the personal worth by more than $7Bn in less than one hour. The share prices of the on-line retail sales giant were up 18% this Thursday after the company issued the profits and sales figures of the second quarter. Now is the world biggest Retail Company, as it passed the rival Wal-Mart in terms of market capitalization. The company is now evaluated $270Bn versus $233Bn of Wal-Mart. Profits were up $0.19 per share, exceeding the expectations of analysts by only $0.13 per share. This is a miracle of internet which nobody could have believed after the explosion of the internet bubble at the beginning of the millennium. For Jeff Bezos, co-founder and CEO of the company it couldn’t be better, because these numbers came just the week of the 20th anniversary of his company foundation.

Whenever you see something like this happening, you can only be impressed by the potential of these individuals and by those ideas, which only 20 years ago, were simply ideas, and now, these ideas are evaluated Billions of dollars.

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