How long will Greece stay in the eurozone?

According to Alan Greenspan: “Not for long”. It seems that Greece exit is only a matter of time…
Alan Geenspan seems to believe the story. In his last interview on BBC, he affirms that Greece will leave the euro-zone very soon if they don’t get another loan. He thinks that nobody is going to lend more money to Greece because investors have been disappointed often from that country.
Alan Greenspan believe that will be not a future for eurozone area if there is not further political integration, and also believes that fiscally integration is not sufficient for the eurozone to survive.
These comments from Greenspan, ex President of the Federal Reserve, come after the call from the Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for a debt restructuring.
Greenspan also commented that very soon everybody will understand that the Greece exit is better for all.
Voices for a Grexit are more frequent than ever. It looks like the financial community has seriously took into consideration the exit of this country from the euro area.
For sure the announcement of this exit will have a smaller impact on financial markets compared to what it would have been if Greece would have left the euro-zone in 2009. Now the fate of this country is more than ever in the hand of Germany.

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  1. Alma says:

    I totally agree that Greece exit would be a good thing for Greece itself

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